Join us at The Gold Movie Awards 2019 and walk the red carpet at one of London’s most exclusive events.


Walk the red carpet at Bafta Theatre with the Gold Movie Awards

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Gold Movie Awards 2019 is heading to BAFTA. The Gold Movie Awards 2019 will be brought to you from the world famous BAFTA theatre 195 Piccadilly in central London on January 10th 2019 followed by the networking event and after party being hosted at The Cuckoo Club, one of London’s most exclusive private member’s clubs.

Our first year of the Gold Movie Awards was a HUGE sell out success and we are knocking it up a gear or two for the Gold Movie Awards 2019.

We have some great ticket options for everyone. Get your tickets now. Limited number of tickets per month available. 18 tickets every month!

Join us at The Gold Movie Awards 2019 and walk the red carpet at one of London’s most exclusive events.





All the monthly winners of the Gold Movie Awards will receive our certificate (in PDF) but they can buy our trophy or the original certificate with the wax seal.

The winners receive  a press release to share with local media or with their social.

Our festival, furthermore, send regular email with tips and contact to help the filmmakers.

During the annual event of the Gold Movie Awards, you have the opportunity to meet other actors, directors and producers.

Not only the final night with the prizegiving but also workshops and meetings.

The main event will take place in the center of London at the Canada Water Center.

All the monthly winners and the movies chosen to attend the annual festival will go on to the most important night for the Gold Movie Awards.

We will annunce the workshops and the events on october 2017.

Don't forget the date: 11 January 2o18, London.

Every month the jury of the Gold Movie Awards select and award both main and additional categories.

Main categories are: "Best feature film", "Best short", "Best documentaries" etc.

Additional categories are: "Best director", "Best actor", "Best producer" etc.

The winners will be invited to attend the annual event in London on 11 January 2018.

Our Mission

The Gold Movie Awards is an important Film Festival that is looking for the best independent movies!!

Win our trophy and come to our event in London!!

Unlike some other festivals of this kind, Gold Movie Awards takes the award giving very seriously and only do so after a very careful evaluation; also, we provide a clear motivation for our choice.

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We strongly believe that every movie is the result of hard work and, as such, they deserve our jury’s full attention during the evaluation and the best works deserve our acknowledgement and appreciation. Our company is based in London but we are an international Film Festival and our staff come from many countries. We have important partner in Italy where we screen in live the movies every month.