I've received an email from Filmfreeway that say my submission is incomplete.

If you receive an automatic email about "non complete submission" check your submission; you probably selected an additional category. You have to select a main category (for example "short movie") to adjust your submission.


I no longer want to submit my movie, can I cancel my submission and have my money back?

No, we can not delete the order. Check our rules and Filmfreeway rules before sending your submission.


I live in a country where it is not possible to send money to other countries. Can I have a free entry?

No, we can not send waiver code because we receive a lot of requests like this every day.


I sent my movie months ago. Can I send it again?

Yes, you can try...


My movie is selected... what now?

You will received an email with all you need to know. Read it carefully. If you receive an email from us on the 6th of next moth, you have won an award. you can check our site (page: Winners and laurels) to be sure. Follow us on Facebook to receive our news.

The November edition ends on December. Doesn't exist the December edition.


My movie is awarded... how will I know wich category I've won?

You can find the complete list on our web site  (page: winners and laurels).


When will I receive the certificate?

5-10 days after the notification.


My movie won an award; why does the status say "Semi-finalist"?

Filmfreeway gives us only 4 status: "Selected", "Semi-finalist", "Finalist" and "Winner". We mark the monthly winners "Finalist". They  will be screened at the live event in London ( It will not be possible to screen all movies as there will be over 150) and "winner" are the "annual winners". All the semi-finalist will be invited to the annual event in London.




I've ordered a trophy. When I will receive it?

If you ordered before 11 of the month, we will despatch it by the end of the month. After this date you have to wait until the following month.

The trophies are individually made. They are then sent to the engraving laboratory to be finsihed and then shipped to you. International shipping takes about 4-10 days.


What do you engrave on the trophy?

The festival name "GOLD MOVIE AWARDS" and the month (if you won a monthly edition. After these things we add the title and the director. We are happy to excuse the inscription with you keeping in mind it is a maximum of 50 words over three lines.


I've won the "Best of the month, how do I pay the shipping cost to receive my trophy?

Here you can find the link:

I'm an annual Winner but I didn't attend the event; can I have my trophy?

Yes but you have to pay the shipping cost.

Wax sealed certificate

How to have the wax sealed certificate?

The winners receive a link to pay the shipping and the production costs.

Is it possibel to have the certifictate with the wooden frame?

Yes, the price is different; you can select this when you order it.



Will my movie be screened during the event in London?

Depends. We can not screen all 124+ movies. Our judges will decide which movies will screen live. One scene (or the trailer) of all the nominated movies will be showed during the nominations.


Whats kinds of workshops do you offer during the London event?

In the end of September we will send an email with work-shop and complete program. Only 10 persons for each workshop.


Are all the winners invited to the event?

Yes. All the monthly winners will be invited to attend for consideration within the same category they won. Our judges can add other categories.


Can my friends attend the London event ?

Yes... but we have only 150 seats for the last night. We will confirm in december. After we received the reservation from the directors we can confirm seat available seating for friends.


How much will the workshops cost?

Depends... generally only £35/person.




Is your festival on IMDB?

Yes, if you send us an email we will add your award to the official page of IMDB.


Can you add our award on IMDB?

Yes, send us an email with: TITLE, DIRECTOR, PRIZE and MONTH. We will record your reward to the official IMDB page.


How long does it take to see my award on IMDB?

Depends... we send the filled form to IMDB and they will add the prize to your official page. Sometimes we waited 6 weeks...



It's very important you read and accept all our rules before to submit a movie to our festival. Reading the document will take only 3 minutes. On the right side you find a PDF document with our rules and prizes. Downlaod it and read with attention to avoid the exclusion of your movie.






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